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New Year’s resolutions, goals and semantics

It’s funny, I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve tried them but somehow, they never seem to click with me.  I think it’s a matter of how the word resonates with negativity. I prefer goals – I’ve always been goal oriented and tend towards long term planning in work and in my personal life.  As I was formulating my goals for this year (aligning to my long term goals), I started wondering about the difference.

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Side Note: Stuff going through my head

I’m starting a new element on my blog that I think I am going to call Side Note.  Here’s where I am at with this – I love what I do and as a key part of that, I really like engaging with others in the field (picking your brain is lots of fun for me) and the chance to share my learnings and mistakes along the journey of customer experience is part of the that fun.  But (you knew that was coming, right?) there is a person in The Corporate Woman and I think there’s stuff I’d like to share on that front on occasion as we go.  You let me know if it gets too tangled or your not interested.  I can always split the path.

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Part 1 – Metrics: Customer Satisfaction and/or Customer Loyalty

I thought I would begin this discussion with the same place most people start thinking about a customer experience based program – what do I measure?  Some version of this question is the most frequent one that I get from people and companies starting out on their journey.  And I’d like to offer a straight forward, easy answer but really the answer is… it depends. 

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The core of a customer experience program

With so many customer experience programs beginning, many people are asking, “Where do I start?”  It’s a question that I have heard often enough that I thought I might do a blog series on what you want to focus on in the first year of your customer experience program.  And it might be interesting for those of you who are already well under way in your program. 

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The Value of Patience

I’m not altogether certain I was patient much as a child, perhaps I was but just don’t recall but I suspect that I wasn’t.  Patience as an adult hasn’t always been a strong point either but I am finally getting better at it.  Last year, I declared that I was going to embark on the journey of being healthier.  I finally had the surgery on my deviated septum, so I could breathe better.  From there, I started modifying my eating habits.  Already good, I made them better.  No fast food, no junk food, no soda, no prepared food (that’s right – no cans, no boxes, nothing previously frozen).   That was both harder and easier than I thought it would be.  My husband is a marvelous cook and he has chosen to make the journey with me, so that has helped a lot!

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Measuring customer retention or you get what you measure

Most companies measure the number of customers who leave them in some form or fashion.  Most call it churn.  This is not a bad thing, not as such.  But think of it like this, if you get what you measure, why do you want to measure the number of customers leaving?  Wouldn’t you prefer a measure that tells you about the number of customers you’re keeping?  Can you see how the focus shifts?  How the goals are different?  I like keeping the attention on how to keep your customers.  I like seeing how well we do at that and studying and listening about how to do it even better. 

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Adding to the team

A dear old friend of mine wrote to me today and reminded me that distance from friends and family means they keep up with me via things like my blog, Facebook and Twitter.  So when I have times like I have had lately, when my small team is short staffed, there is never enough time to write.  Which also means there is a backlog of ideas that I would like to share and get your thoughts on but somehow never seem to actually touch keys to keyboard.  Know what I mean?

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Final surgery update!

Hello all – as promised, this is my final report out on my surgery results from Feb.  I would say I have reached full recovery now.  Still some minor pain on big sneezes and occasional twinges but good for my purposes.  Now for the good news – did it deliver on all the anticipated benefits?  I give it a resounding YES!

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My three words…

I recently met a great social media expert and interesting guy (who I now follow on Twitter).  Anyway, he recently wrote a great blog about how he does his annual goals and I really liked his approach.  It’s memorable and thought provoking.  He talks about finding three words that represent your filter, your purpose, your goals for the year – so here are my three words:

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